The Terra Nouveau Lyceum
The Terra Nouveau Lyceum

Welcome to The Terra Nouveau Lyceum

A teaching and learning sanctuary for the candid, curious, and creative.

About Us

Founded by two dedicated academics, the purpose of The Terra Nouveau Lyceum, or The New Earth School, if you prefer, is to encourage connection between Truth-tellers and Truth-seekers, inspire conversations with depth and meaning, and cultivate collaborative learning.  

The Terra Nouveau Lyceum combines the sanctuary of a library with the spirited exchange of a classroom and the excitement and camaraderie of a Comic-Con.  We hope to engage people in topics as diverse as astrology to American literature, creative writing to archetypal analysis, meditation to mandalas, and fantasy to poetry.

If you are a life-long learner, infinitely curious, a nerd, geek, or an enthusiast of the Arts, if you love science fiction, horror, cryptozoology, oracle decks, archangels, fairies, Klingons, or any other number of fandoms, The Terra Nouveau Lyceum is for you!  Come explore the mythical, metaphysical, and mysterious with us!

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